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Norris Glasson (Shear Distributor)

Shisato - Mirage - Yasaka  - DebutDynasty  Bonika - Wolff - Blue Ribbon

Phone: (336) 253-0593     Email:

I have been sharpening high end (expensive) salon shears professionally since 2004 and I am qualified to sharpen the following brands:  Joewell, Centrix, Fromm, Shisato, Mirage, Debut, Dynasty, Yasaka, Bonika, Arius Eickert, Wolff and etc.

I have the proper equipment for sharpening convex blades as well as the bevel edge.  I use a Japanese design  flat-hone to sharpen with (see bottom of page).  This machine maintains/creates a Hamaguri (clam shell) shape on the convex blades.  It is important to keep the proper shape of the convex blade in order not to defeat it's design purpose, which is to flow smoothly through the hair with less drag as well as being able to create a razor edge on the blades.

I charge $20.00 per pair and sharpen in your salon or my shop.

                        I use a Japanese designed flat-hone to sharpen with >>>>>  

Very compact and portable >>>>>>


Sungold Dual Head Sharping Machine

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